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Insta-Product Academy

The ONLY Instagram marketing course you’ll ever need to grow your ecommerce biz to 5-figure months.

Insta Reels Management

The one where we do everything for you. We’ll create your strategy and shoot, edit, and post your reels. Ka-ching!

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High energy guaranteed! Perfect if you want your audience to cartwheel away inspired to take action.

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Have me join your team for the day to smash your Insta marketing goals. We can shoot reels, create your launch strategy, whatever you need most. 

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(AKA the “reels queen” or as Instagram call me — “the reels pro”)

After building my own 6-figure and 7-figure businesses purely on Insta (in just 18 months), I’m here to help you do the same.

I’m obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs — just like you — be discovered, adored, and sold out.

So whether you want us to take over your reels, or teach you how to nail Instagram marketing... me and my team have got your back.

Hi, I'm Alisha!

Boushra Nicola,
Founder of Learn with Miss B

“I was booked out within two weeks of launching my business”

Now I have a business that allows me to spend just two days a week working and the rest of the time with my family. I was booked out within two weeks of launching my business in 2020 and it's all thanks to Alisha and reels!

 Alisha told me you'll always get at least one conversion per reel, and wow, she was right!

Ebony Fahey, Founder of Lady Made Blades

“I sold out of my product almost straightaway!”

I had no idea what I was doing on Instagram, I had low confidence with posting… what will people think of me? What will they think of this product? What are they going to say?

Alisha helped me switch that mindset and so much more. She helped me identify my target customer and create content for their needs.

The result? After implementing a couple of Alisha’s strategies, I sold out of my product almost straightaway! My personal confidence has grown — as so has my confidence in my business. Honestly, I built my business 100% on Insta, the course paid itself off within the first couple of weeks!”

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The Ultimate Instagram Checklist For Your Product Biz

Optimise your bio, devour my Instagram reels checklist, and get the exact same process I use before and after posting on Insta.

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