“I can make $5k in 5 days using Insta-stories?”

I’m in!

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Ebany McLees & Olivia O’Neill, Ellore

“We soared above the $5k after only day 3 of the challenge”

“We can’t recommend Alisha enough, we signed up for the $5k in 5 days challenge and we soared above the $5k after only day 3. 

All the emails and how tos are super easy to follow. Such a small investment to walk away with great marketing knowledge and — most importantly — more customers.”

Raise your hand ✋ if you’re feeling uninspired and deflated with Insta right now

You know you should be posting more but man, it’s tough when... 

👉 Your insights don’t mirror your efforts and some days it feels like you’re showing up for no one

👉 You’re stuck for ideas and spend more time wondering what to say than making the damn stories  

👉 You’re lacking direction and strategy for stories and feel like you’re just winging it

👉 You struggle to sell in stories, it all feels sooooo icky! 


But then I developed a new strategy and...

and you watch the $$$ roll in 

I’ll tell you exactly what to post for the next five days

Scroll if you’re game 
(and want results like this...)



Want to know why stories are still one of the most powerful tools for product sales?

Which is exactly why you need strategy and not just ramble, post, and hope for the best!

Because they are designed for engagement, which means you can get your ideal audience in your DMs — before making the ask.


join now!

And transform the way Insta works for your business

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One-off payment of just $30 USD
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How the challenge works and what’s included:



A detailed story set so you know exactly what to post each day — complete with word-by-word scripts and sticker choices

You’ll get daily instructions emailed for the next five days with —


Daily story strategy tips to set you up for long-term success, beyond the 5 days 


Visual examples so you can see exactly how I posted these with great results


BONUS # 2: Free story graphic template

I’ll email you one of my fave story templates on the first day so you can save time and show up like a pro!

BONUS # 1: Join our private Facebook group

Join the community immediately to meet like-minded female founders that have taken the challenge. Cheer each other on and who knows... maybe make new friends!

Up for the challenge to make $5k in 5-days?



One-off payment of just $30
All sales final

This time next week you’ll be Insta-spired!

Yep, in just five days time, you could be:

Selling in stories with strategy (goodbye random stories!)

Finally feeling inspired to post again — and more confident in front of the camera

Armed with new tips and strategies to use for long-term Insta-success

Buzzing with ideas on how to take your stories to the next level

Engaging more with your audience, whoop whoop!!

Yep, you’ll be creating new Insta-habits to live on waaaaaay beyond five days! 


I had $678 in sales from the story challenge.

I would have made that had I not done the challenge

Just like these female founders!


This challenge has helped me think outside the box

and try new ways to sell to my customers


I learned how to make stories more engaging, started heaps of conversations with followers,

and increased in sales when a secret discount was offered. Story views also tripled!


We tripled our story views, saw lots more engagement, and received approx $2,000 in additional sales from stories!

 Also loved chatting and connecting to my community more.

“Can I really make $5k in 5 days?!”


1. “What happens after I buy the challenge? When does it start?”

You can start straight away! You’ll receive a welcome email immediately and be invited into our private Facebook group. Then you’ll receive daily emails with challenge instructions — yep, this challenge is delivered by email so there are no login or portal details. 

Make sure you enter the correct email address when you signup so we send the challenge to the right place. Check your junk/spam folders if you don’t receive your welcome email — still no email? Drop us an email at and we’ll fix it!

2. “Is there a live element to this challenge?”

No! You can start this whenever you like as there is no live element but I do encourage you to do it for five consecutive days to get the momentum going.

3. “Seriously Alisha, will I make $5k in 5 days?”

This is a challenge, not a guarantee but — I trialled and tested this on a group of mastermind students in different industries and everyone was capable of reaching that number. Since then, we’ve had more than 600 people take the challenge and we’ve been blown away by the $$$$ results.

Maybe you’ll make more, or maybe you’ll make less. That’s the challenge!

4. “Can I join if I’m a service-based business?” 

You sure can. I created this for product-based businesses but we’ve had 200+ service-based businesses take the challenge and they’ve seen great results. 

5. “Will this work for small non English-speaking businesses?” 

Yes, absolutely. We've had Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, (and more!) international businesses take the challenge. You’ll just need to translate the scripts as my emails are sent in English.

6. “What type of industries will this work for?” 

Any, all, todos! This challenge is designed to work for all businesses that are selling something.

7. “ I’m a bit shy 🙈 do I have to post myself on the stories?”

We’ve had plenty of businesses not post their faces in this challenge and they’ve still seen amazing results. I do challenge you (yep, a challenge in a challenge!) to step outside your comfort zone and show you’re face if possible because it builds trust with your audience.

8. What happens after the 5 days?

Five days should be enough for you to have changed your Insta habits for future success! Think of it like an Insta-bootcamp, you’ll leave feeling confident, motivated and inspired to keep up the good work. 

If you want to keep working together just drop me an email to and we’ll let you know the best options. 

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We tripled our story views, saw lots more engagement, and received approx $2,000 in additional sales from stories!

 Also loved chatting and connecting to my community more.

What wins will you be celebrating in 5 days time?

You Game?


One-off payment of just $30 usd
All sales final