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you read my mind!

You try creating content, but it takes way too long + you’re not seeing results

You’re confused about your social strategy (~if~ you have one)

You *gasp* at the crazy engagement other business owners get on their posts and have no idea how to get there

You feel invisible on social media, like you’re talking to a
wall sometimes

You have an awesome offering, but no one knows you exist

You know who your ideal client is, and now you want them to find you 

Does this sound like you?

Increased engagement, confidence, new leads and new customers!

Alisha understands audience behaviour and how you can combine Instagram with your unique brand to see jaw-dropping results.

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The woman behind The Social Impact. I’m an algorithm-nerd, reel extraordinaire, social media maestro, shameless dog lover and keen content creator. I’m here to show you the ropes so you can create content that conveys your ideas to the world.

It’s time to make your impact.

Hi, I'm Alisha. 

Sandrine LaRosa

Alisha is the Queen of Reels and I can absolutely see why she is. She has taught me so much over the last few months and I am always grateful for her expertise. If you are looking for a social media expert, highly recommend Alisha. 

I had a session with Alisha and couldn't recommend her more. She over delivered on value and blew me away with the insights she gave me. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to grow their online presence. I will definitely be working with her again. 

Athina Bailey 

Ellis De Bona 

Alisha was amazing. She understood my business and my struggles with my Instagram account very well. She has in-depth knowledge of Instagram and our session was packed with value and insights. She gave me the answers that I needed related to my account and I couldn't recommend her more.

Alisha is amazing, she is so quick in generating ideas. She will make you feel like that making reels is not a hard task if you know how to do it strategically. The way she delivers her service is awesome, I really loved it and I'm gonna consult her again in future.

Kriva Says 

Alannah Yip 

The knowledge and expertise of Alisha from The Social Impact is not only amazing but she is genuinely dedicated to improving her client's business and social media. I approached The Social Impact after wasting time and money on social media courses which led to no results. I cannot thank Alisha enough for the advice, suggestion and valuable information she has provided me on social media strategies.

The content that she offered was much more from the value she had given! So much too do, so much guidance and information with very reasonable pricing!
I am lost in words to execute my appreciation to this beautiful soul Alisha! I believe it was the best decision to trust and go ahead with The Social Impact. Not only was my experience great but I am starting to see results from week 1 already!

Ayse Karakus 

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If you follow Alisha on Instagram you’ll know she loves keeping things aesthetic AF. 

You also may have seen her “Canva Hack” reel that shows you how to create an aesthetic computer desktop? 

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By downloading this file, you will also receive my newsletters, but I never spam and you can opt out at any time.

By downloading this file, you will also receive my newsletters, but I never spam and you can opt out at any time.

By downloading this file, you will also receive my newsletters, but I never spam and you can opt out at any time.

You will now receive my newsletters, but I never spam and you can opt out at any time.